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Loyalty Card Programs: Do they really work?

Loyalty Cards

Not only does loyalty card programs generate extra business that encourages customers to keep coming back, but it is an effective marketing tool that will help spread the word about your company. Consumers have a growing abundance of options and businesses must differentiate themselves from others to ensure customer retention. One of the most effective…

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Thinking about moving from plastic cards to board cards?

Plastic cards to board cards

Attitudes towards using plastic are changing. For consumers, retailers and producers alike, the environment is rightly a key issue. Concerns about waste plastic have grown immensely in recent years becoming more aware the plastic waste polluting our oceans and destroying wildlife. But what big a part does plastic cards play in sustainability? And what alternatives…

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Why do retailers buy Smart Cards?

Smart Cards

A Smart Card is a credit card sized plastic card that includes a built-in microcomputer chip (RFID), like a chip and pin card, that is able to store and process data. A Smart Card is a secure and time-efficient because it allows you to access information using a device that isn’t necessarily connect to a…

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Retailers Build Brand with Gift Cards

Gift Cards

As more people are swapping cash for cards, gift card usage is on the rise. Gift cards are popular purchases for presents by millennials and generation Y in particular as typically these types of retail buyers spend less time making retail purchase decisions. With flexible double-sided printing options on gift cards it allows retailers to…

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Identity Crisis: Using Plastic ID Cards

Identity Crisis: Using Plastic ID Cards Employee and Student ID cards are effective at increasing security and safety. See the top 5 reasons why so many organisations are using them. To more and more organisations security is coming first. People and organised events threatening security are here and can no longer be ignored. Ensuring that…

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Top 5 Hotel Key Card Marketing Secrets. Shhh!

Hotel Key Cards

Top 5 Hotel Key Card Marketing Secrets. Shhh! With tough competition, hoteliers are very keen to enhance customer experience and improve per stay sales. Learn how hotel key cards and carriers (sometimes called wallets or holders) are helping. There are some very innovative ideas within the industry, some of which are really useful to customers.…

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Customer Loyalty Cards: The Concise Model


Customer Loyalty Cards: The Concise Model Did you know it costs a business about 5-25X more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one? That’s not the whole story, existing customers spend 67% more than new customers. In summary, customer loyalty cards can be really beneficial – customer loyalty…

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