Identity Crisis: Using Plastic ID Cards

Identity Crisis: Using Plastic ID Cards

Employee and Student ID cards are effective at increasing security and safety. See the top 5 reasons why so many organisations are using them.

To more and more organisations security is coming first. People and organised events threatening security are here and can no longer be ignored. Ensuring that each employee or staff member has an ID card with them at all times improves security, particularly when the culture is to challenge anyone that does not have one visible. The ID card helps protect your employees safety.

We found the top 5 reasons for using or improving an ID card system:

Employee happiness. That’s right, it isn’t all about safety and security. There is a positive inner marketing effect on people by increasing the feeling of belonging and unity.

Multi -function. The cards can be used for many different applications such as access control, time logging and application/network logon.

I remember your face. In a small office you might know everyone’s name, but not always, and its useful to be reminded of guest names.

The use of ID cards do clearly show those that don’t have ID cards and it is easier to challenge individuals in certain areas or offices.

Big data. By mixing access control and ID cards you can help to understand employee behavior to better serve your employees and working environment.