Loyalty Card Programs: Do they really work?

Loyalty Cards

Not only does loyalty card programs generate extra business that encourages customers to keep coming back, but it is an effective marketing tool that will help spread the word about your company. Consumers have a growing abundance of options and businesses must differentiate themselves from others to ensure customer retention. One of the most effective way of doing this, is by implementing a Loyalty Program and the use of loyalty cards.

Sales Boost

Loyalty cards motivate customers to return to take advantage of the special offers, which ensures a regular stream of sales.

Extended Customer Outreach

Loyal customers who enjoy the incentives and rewards are more likely to encourage friends and family to join. Another way to reach more customers is to introduce special offers to those who recommend the business to others. For instance, “refer a friend and get an extra stamp on your card.”

Learn Your Audience

A loyalty card program helps a business to keep track of and analyse the shopping habits of customers. It can help businesses to adjust and tailor offers to match customers’ needs based on shopping trends.

Customer Fulfilment

Most customers feel more connected to a business with a loyalty card program. Though products and services may be of high quality, customers may not purchase if they are not rewarded for their devotion.

Product Understanding

Loyalty cards inspire customers to try new products or services by providing the opportunity to trail it at a discount or for free – this is where their loyalty can be measured. For example, for every five stamps, or certain amount of points, customers get one free product. If customers like the product, chances are the product will be purchased again. Many businesses use this technique as it is very effective. Remember to keep changing the rewards from time to time, as this will keep things fresh and can inform customers about other products or services.