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We are a company with our roots in the Sheffield of the early 70’s. Printed labels, till rolls and letter heads were amongst our first products, sold to offices and retail businesses mostly in the North East.

We’ve grown through the years as a team. Gradually as our client’s needs have changed, we’ve adapted by developing new skills and expertise to meet them.

Today we offer a wide range of traditional and digital labelling products, presentation accessories and other consumables to our clients across the U.K, many of whom have relied on us for decades.

When you contact MHG Supplies you’re tapping into our team’s expertise and enthusiasm for getting your products just right.

The beginnings

As a young man Mick, our Chairman decided to form a company in his Dad’s garage in Sheffield. It was called Rent-un-Till (the name was cool in the 70s, you’ll have to trust us). He supplied till rolls, labels and printed office supplies.



Rent-un-Till was formed into a company called RUT Business Equipment. We specialised in till rolls at a time when retail was widely adopting printer tills.



RUT Business Equipment and it’s associated brands were merged into the Moss House Group. The group offered a wide range of printed products, retail systems and consumables for businesses.


Fiona on board

Our current MD Fiona started work for the Moss House Group. Her focus was on service to clients. In the 80’s competition grew more fierce and staying service focussed was key.


New machines

We started supplying point of sales systems and all new consumables to Morrisons and Co-Ops around the country, digital technology was growing and it was here to stay.


Consumables for catering & retail

It was in about 1987 that we saw big growth in till systems, specialist labels and printed stationary for the catering industry. Hotels and restaurants became regular clients alongside our existing retail business.



The Moss House Group was merged into an all new powerhouse, MHG Systems LTD. This new company provided account and retail systems, stationary and consumables. A one stop shop for clients. Mick and his team remained as part of this new larger company.


Big systems in retail

After another 8 successful years as MHG Systems, the large specialist in retail solutions, Torex PLC bought MHG Systems as part of growth in the systems industry. Torex PLC ended up as part of Micros Till Systems and then came under software mega-giant Oracle. MHG Supplies was to follow a different path.


MHG Supplies is born

MHG Supplies was born as our chairman Mick bought back the point of sale consumable part of the business from Torex PLC. He wanted to protect that service he’d built over the years. Most of the staff team remained. Fiona became M.D of this new supplies focussed version of the company.


Plastic printed cards

Tesco launched their first loyalty cards in 1995. So by 2001 in addition to tickets, labels, till rolls and our traditional products, many of our clients were using more plastic printed cards. We became specialists in the design and supply of cards for the leisure and catering services.


Smarter cards

We began supplying cards with the latest security features still in use today. This meant options for security holograms and magnetic chips ideal for I.D cards, door entry systems and more.


Kings of cards

By 2010 we supplied bespoke plastic printed cards, accessories and presentation packs to dozens of well known top U.K brands in many major industries.


Silicone wristbands

We added silicone wristbands and magnetic key fobs to our repertoire, we can supply with ID chips, customise the design in a range of colours.


Systems are back

During the 80’s and 90’s systems providers consolidated into fewer and fewer bigger companies. Today the world of technology is different and we work with systems again. We now partner with cutting edge providers to offer our clients efficient smart ID systems and the service to support their system and consumable needs.


Eco friendly products

We’d always been conscious of plastic consumption. Eco alternatives had been tried in the past but hadn’t measured up. In 2019 we’ve launched a range of new and effective eco friendly products as alternatives to plastic.


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