Why do retailers buy Smart Cards?

Smart Cards

A Smart Card is a credit card sized plastic card that includes a built-in microcomputer chip (RFID), like a chip and pin card, that is able to store and process data.

A Smart Card is a secure and time-efficient because it allows you to access information using a device that isn’t necessarily connect to a computer or the internet.

There are many benefits to using Smart Cards throughout the workplace which include:

1.Flexibe – Smart Cards are practical and flexible. They can store a lot of information, including Credit Cards, Business Cards, Gift Cards, and ID cards.

2. Secure Usage – each card is individually encrypted so the information you choose to store on it will be safe and protected at all times.

3. Data integrity – unlike traditional magnetic swipe cards, Smart Cards have the advantage of having data which is not easily removed or changed. This also prevents the users of the cards to ensure data is not erased in error.

4. Computing Ability – almost all smart cards have a processor (CPU). The CPU can protect the data even more, for example, by requiring you to enter a PIN code. This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits that these cards have over mag-stripe cards, the CPU can actually count. If you get the PIN wrong seven times, the CPU can block you from accessing the card.

5. Marketing Cover – full colour on both sides of these cards means that there is a good branding and marketing opportunity.