Thinking about moving from plastic cards to board cards?

Plastic cards to board cards

Attitudes towards using plastic are changing. For consumers, retailers and producers alike, the environment is rightly a key issue. Concerns about waste plastic have grown immensely in recent years becoming more aware the plastic waste polluting our oceans and destroying wildlife. But what big a part does plastic cards play in sustainability? And what alternatives are available?

• One tonne of 790micron board (greyboard) = 220,000 Board Cards
• One tonne of PVC = 180, 000 PVC Cards
• One tonne of board = 0.014 tonnes of CO2
• One tonne of PVC = four tonnes CO2 emissions.
• Board is biodegradable and recyclable
• PVC isn’t recyclable via domestic collection channels

What are some of the alternatives available?

1. Uncoated Board:

Uncoated board is a truly sustainable alternative to plastic in card manufacturing. Most card manufacturers specialising in this alternative, can provide a high-quality feel with exceptional rigidity making it an excellent choice.

It is:

• 100% Bio-degradable
• 100% Compostable

2. Coated Board:

Coated board cards provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic cards, whilst still providing a wide range of decorating possibilities unmatched by plastic. Plus, it still offers the plastic-like look and feel.

Opting for this alternative, reduces natural resources and waste by up to:

• 81% in petroleum fuel oil usage
• 29% in global warming potential
• 31% in product municipal solid waste
• 59% in grid electrical energy waste

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