Till Roll Advertising – Do your receipts work for you?


Marketing is what drives sales and sustains your business, so making the investment in marketing to promote your services is crucial.
One of the easiest ways to market your products or services is to promote to your existing customers. One of the simplest ways to do this is promote your products, services and offers on till rolls and receipts.
The majority of shops worldwide, have a POS system installed that provides till roll receipts to hundreds of customers on a daily basis. Instead of just tallying up a grand total, these boring pieces of paper can provide the ideal opportunity to promote your brand.

Four clever ways to get the most out of your printed toll rolls:

1. Promote Your Brand

Branding is the biggest part of a successful marketing campaign – people will know who you are and what you provide. Be sure to print your brand name, logo or both on the back side of your till rolls to maximise your brand presence and make your brand synonymous with the products or services that you are selling.

2. Client Service

Instead of expecting customers to reach out to find out more about your warranty offered, returns policy or other post sales services, you can provide information about it on the back of your till roll. Use the back to provide as much information as necessary to educate your customers.

3. Market Your Promotions

If you are running a special promotion, consider adding it to the back of your till roll for added reach. Full colour prints are popular to create an eye-catching promotion or offer which will help to market your promotions for fractions of the cost of regular printed materials.

4. Promote Your Products/Services

Listing your top sellers of products or services on you till slips helps to establish your brand’s credibility. Adding these, effectively turns a regular receipt into a business card!

To make the next step and promote your retail business further, contact MHG about till roll printing options.