ID Systems

Efficient cloud based ID systems

ID systems are vital to thousands of businesses and organisations across the U.K. Maintaining and administering such a system can produce a lot of work for both front line staff and customers. Modern ID systems like EasyBadge allow for easy management of user information and ID photo via a multi-platform app that links to the central system.

Our expert team are standing by to make a smart ID system a reality for your organisation. We can start by demonstrating the system online via a screen share service. Your account manager will assess your existing systems and procedures to understand your needs. We’ll manage installation and set up and ensure you are ready to launch the system. After launch we’ll connect you with your support service and resources you may need in future. In short, we take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Benefits of a cloud and app based ID system

User app

With a free app and an account, users of your ID system can upload their own information and image to your ID system. This can save time at the front desk or back office where previously this information would be captured and processed. If you need staff only to take ID photos, this can now be done with any mobile device in any location. You no longer need a front desk webcam. So whatever your I.D card requirement a system that uses an app for user information probably has some advantages.

Cloud based

A cloud based I.D system holds user data on secure servers run by the system provider. There are some key benefits of a cloud based I.D system. You can instantly access your I.D data from multiple locations and without the cost of your own system to handle and transmit user data. So your cards can be printed at an ideal time to suit your service and you can save on system costs.

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