Moving from Cash to Cards

Moving Cash to Cards

The traditional handling of cash on a day-to-day basis is moving across to cards. However, not just your regular bank, debit or credit cards, but also – smart cards, smart wristbands and fobs, loyalty cards, membership cards and many more.

Why are we moving from cash to cards?

Following research from The UK Cards Association, we pay for goods and services differently today compared to the past. Around half of our purchases are made using some form of payment card because it is more convenient for us to do so. As well as saving you from handling and possibly losing cash, the switch from cash to cards can be more secure.

There are many forms of cards that could be used for payment, or forms of payment. Most of these types of payments are in the form of Full Colour Printed Plastic Cards. These cards can be used for Loyalty Cards, Gift Cards and Membership Cards. There is also the option to use wristbands or fobs.

Plastic Cards (with eco and bio-degradable options) can have many different features:

Spot UV

Spot UV is a special printing method that can enhance the style and texture of a printed card. The spot UV name comes from how the printing works. A liquid is applied to the card surface and then UV light dries and sets it precisely according to the design. This leaves a shiny coating that can accentuate the impact of plastic printed cards.

Foil Printing

Foil printed cards can shine out amongst the rest. Like spot UV, adding foil sections is all about enhancing the design and tactile nature of the finished product, it’s about making an impact. We can work with our clients to use foil printing in the most effective way to add impact to their design so that the end result really hits the spot.


Barcode printed cards, tags and other plastic items are used for a range of diverse purposes. We can supply over 500 different shapes of plastic cards or tags with barcodes to your specification in a wide range of design options.

Magnetic Stripes

We’ve been providing magnetic stripe cards for decades. We offer a full range of options for both HiCo and LoCo magnetic stripes. Over the years, we have supplied magnetic stripe cards and tags for dozens of different purposes from door opening in hotels to gift cards for retailers.

RFID Chips

RFID chips have several benefits over magnetic strips and barcodes, they’ve grown in popularity in recent years. We can provide any RFID chip cards for any requirement and in over 500 sizes and in a range of colours and designs.

Keycard Tags

So versatile, so many options. Keytag cards snap off from each other or from the end of a single larger card. You can have a strip of two or three or choose from a number of other options. We can add barcodes, magnetic strips, QR codes and reference numbers.

Signature Panels

We supply signature panels at any size, as many as you want. The two types are clear signature panel and a white signature panel. Our clients include some of the largest retailers, hotel chains and leisure clubs in the U.K, our extensive range and attention to detail ensure we’ve always achieved the high standards demanded by our clients.

Over 500 Shapes

A plastic card isn’t just a plastic card. Sure there’s a standard size but the options are in fact, vast. MHG Supplies offer a huge range of sizes and shapes of plastic card.

Embossed and Tipped

Embossing is a process where we stamp letters or numbers into the card to create a different feel and dimension. Tipping is the process where we add the final finish to the top of the embossing. The colours available are silver, gold, white, or black.

If you need to print plastic cards, fobs or wristbands for your organisation then MHG Supplies can help. Click here to get in touch with one of the team or request a sample pack.