Hotel Key Card Marketing

Hotel Key Card Marketing

One way to provide your guests with essential information, is to put it on a tool they use every single day. On average, hotel guests will see their card six to ten times a day.

But a key card provides only so much space to work with – complete your marketing with a key card accessory. Card holder printing allows you to create custom card holders with your logos, contact details, ads and other need-to-know information.

So which key card accessory is appropriate for you?

  • Hotel Card Sleeves

Hotel key card sleeves provides two extra platforms to further promote and strengthen the power of your brand. Use the front of the sleeve to welcome guests. As it will be one of the first marketing tools they will touch, see and use, ensure that it communicates your message clearly. Use the back of the sleeve to display check out instructions, contact information or advertisements.  Also try not to overcrowd the platforms – keep it simple, professional and eye-catching.

Key card sleeves are a great option for companies that are looking to protect their key cards and to communicate additional information to guests.

  • Key Card Holders

Key card holders open up like a book or folder and usually provides pocket on the inside where a key card can be secured to. This ‘folder’ style is extremely beneficial for your business as it looks professional and has plenty of space for you to communicate with guests.

Key card holders provide considerably more space to be creative and promote your brand. Consider adding your logo, branding, and a striking design to help encourage brand recognition. Create a design that will make guests curious about the details enclosed inside.

Inside the holder, include details like phone numbers, the Wi-Fi password or the room number. Consider using it as a promotional tool – if you have a rewards program, your key card holder is the perfect place to introduce guests to what you have to offer.

Key card holders are also a great space for paid advertising for other companies – just by adding an ad or two on key card holders, you can pay for the cost of the holders!