Building customer loyalty with gift cards

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Building customer loyalty with gift cards

Once you have built your brand and you are getting feet through the door, the next step to is to retain those customers. In other words, to design and build your customer loyalty program.

We all know that it is more expensive to acquire new customers, than it is to retain existing ones, which is why it essential that you focus on retaining that loyalty base. One way to achieve this, is to use incentives – and the solution might be right in front of you: gift cards.

Studies shows that consumers prefer gift cards as incentives. And when rewarding consumers with something they really want, they will keep coming back.

Consider these three ways to use gift cards to build your customer loyalty:

  1. Make gift cards part of your customer loyalty program

A great starting point, is to offer a gift card to customers on their birthday. And this does not need to be a big expense either – consider the number of customers you have in your loyalty program and the discount you could comfortably provide to each of them. Considering this will help you stay within your budget.

  1. In Your Brand Awareness Campaign

A marketing campaign for your business will increase brand awareness… but it can be used to build customer loyalty too.

‘Sweetgreen’, the American fast food chain restaurant that serves only salads, are a great example of this: throughout their campaign ‘Random Acts of Sweetness’, the company sent out brand ambassadors to hand out gift cards to people whom were seen doing an act of kindness in the community.

Or, perhaps consider giving away £5 gift cards to customers who send photos of themselves sporting your brand, wearing your apparel, or endorsing your product in a personal capacity.

  1. Response to Complaints

When you receive a complaint, a gift card can easily assist to apologise for the inconvenience – it helps to say that you hear the complaint, you are taking it seriously, andare appreciative of their custom.

When a customer is acknowledged, and feel that their input is valued, it helps to increase brand loyalty and sales.

Final Words

Not only are gift cards a last-minute gift, but when used wisely, it can help to build customer loyalty, increase brand awareness and drive up sales.