2020 New Year’s Resolutions: For your business!

You have been thinking about personal New Year resolutions for yourself…. But what about for your business? Here you can get started with three simple ways to set up your business for success!

  1. Aim for more face-to-face interactions

While technology has made sending a quick email or text an acceptable form of communication, sometimes social media and an online presence can’t replace personal, face-to-face interaction.

Event marketing is only one opportunity for some crucial face-to-face engagement with customers and other industry professionals, but the right materials are needed.

Flyers, lanyards, branded badge holders and other presentation accessories can all be used to boost customer engagement, reinforce a brand and generate leads.

  1. Boost and reward loyalty

Acquiring new customers costs between 5 and 25 times more than retaining existing ones. The most popular way to encourage return visits, is through a loyalty card programme. If well implemented, a rewards programme can bring you double benefits:

  1. 1. Loyalty card programmes motivate customers to return to take advantage of the special offers, which ensures a regular stream of sales.
  2. 2. A loyalty card programme collects data and helps a business to keep track of and analyse the shopping habits of customers. It can help businesses to adjust and tailor offers to match customers’ needs based on shopping trends.
  3. 3. Additionally, with flexible printing options on cards, it allows for you to publish the name, logo and secure a future visit.

Develop true relationships with the people that keep your business going – your suppliers and your loyal customers.

  1. Go green!

Applying green processes, relates to maintaining the health of the environment. Using sustainable methods can help prevent unnecessary waste of natural resources and reduces the risk of depletion in the long run.

‘Going green’ can be as simple as making sure lights are turned off in unused offices (preventing the waste of electricity), or even considering moving from plastic cards to board cards. Concerns about plastic waste have grown immensely in recent years and becoming more aware that this is polluting our oceans and destroying wildlife.

Eco-friendly, board cards are available in different formats and often they are cheaper and quicker than the alternatives – without sacrificing quality.